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The land of India is known for such great saints and yogies hailing from different faiths. One good example is of two brothers by name, Elder and Younger, bala-yoggies in Mummidivaram village in East Godavari of Dist. Andhra Pradesh the Elder one started his penance at the age of 16 and the younger one at the age of 7 years respectively. They stopped taking any food and water and got locked them selves in two separately built ashrams from outside and the keys were kept in the custody of the District Magistrate. According to the wishes of the yogi, on Mahasivaratri day, in the midnight at the stroke of 12.00 without a watch hissing sound would be heard and the doors were tobe opened and the Elder yogi would give darshan to the devotees on a specially erected platform at a distance of 500 sq. Yards and after 10 minutes the door from outside would be closed and he would get himself seated on the platform after 10 minutes and thereafter the closed platform would be opened and throughout the dayhe would give darshan. The Elder yogi used to give darshan and retried back into Ashram on the next day midnight. Both brothers closed their eyes. There were neither windows to get air nor ventilators to exhaust air from inside. Keeping the ashram closed throughout the year without air, not only makes the life impossible to live but also bad odour would emit but contrarily when the doors were opened, perfume smell comes out from the rooms. They did their ceaseless penance for well over 40 years. It is a miracle that they surpassed human physiology and they know the latest technological development. Elder yogi started his penance even when electricity was not known in the village. He knows the mechanism of electrical operations and explainted new developments in the country by his signals since he observed only silence. It is highly impossible to walk when they always keep themselves seated with crossed-legs. But within a short period of 5 to 10 minutes, he used to reach the platform. It is also impossible to know how they know the latest technological developments when they closed the eyes and lock themselves in the Ashram. These revelations are inexplicable and now they survive doing penance for more than 40 years without taking any food and water and without excertions and bath.

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