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If the existence of life on earth is sustained, it is only because of the trees. Trees are an important part of our life, which fulfill our need.  Trees are one of the most invaluable heritage of nature on earth, which is no less than a great asset for us. Without it, life on this earth is not possible to imagine.  If there are no trees, then there will be no environment, due to lack of environment, life on earth will end. Human beings on earth are destroying this natural heritage in the name of their development.  If it is not stopped, then soon this earth will become desolate, and the existence of life will not be seen. Trees play a big role in keeping the environment clean.
Due to trees  man was able to make his life possible on earth, and he was able to increase his development so far. Trees provide their resources to meet the basic needs of man.
Man obtains many raw materials from trees, which he processes and develops on his own. But in his greed, man continued to cut trees, and kept reducing the possibility of his life on this earth. Due to the destruction of trees, the balance of the environment has completely deteriorated. Man only cuts trees, does not plant trees.
The  importance of trees in our lives can be gauged from the fact that trees give us life. If the hypothesis of life on earth is really possible, then because of the trees, people used to depend a lot on trees since ancient times, and still people's dependence on trees has not reduced much.
Many industries, businesses fix their economic condition only by the raw material of trees. Trees are the biggest source of oxygen gases in the atmosphere, due to which life on earth is possible. At the same time, trees   control the amount of carbon dioxide gas on the earth. We get a lot from trees, for example trees give us protection, food, house, medicines, shade etc. But  the biggest reason for the ever- increasing pollution on the earth  is the cutting of  trees . The water cycle of the earth has been  affected by the felling of trees  . Trees are the biggest factor of rain on the earth, but human beings have been continuously harming the environment in the race of their development, and today we are getting serious consequences of this.

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