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Rant of an Air Head Ep. 2

created Thursday November 25, 09:42 by Gazia



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So I was there minding my own business in the dry good isle and then all of a sudden BAAAM!! I was like what the?! Daam mama I almost wet my pants for that! And there was like this POW POW WHOOSH! holy molly BAAAAM!! Second time third time! Before I knew it the ceiling was comin' down! I don't know I think a lightning strike hit the roof or something HOT DAAMM I was like mama if I live through this I SWEAR on your life I will take care of you! There I was running for the exit and all of a sudden KAPOW! THE SAME GUY on his PMD just riding across almost hittin' me! I immediately kung fu kicked the guy away from me and jumped back (sorta like a pokemon stand off) I was like the haaal bruh?? You again?! You oughta got me keeled before this ceiling comes down on us! He was like u want a piece of me bruh? I was like oh wait till u get a piece of me bruh! And he was like so les go les go b-word! I'm like I'm no b-word b-word! You P-word and C-word and F-word! He was like awww haaal no, no one speaks to me in that kinda tone. Les go bruh! get a piece this! And I swear man I dodged his first swing, ducked under the next, sommersalted over the next kick, then backflipped from his heel drop then landing on the top shelf of the isle. I was like damn bruh I'm good. And he was like get down here you C-word! P-word! I was like you get up here! He was like NO you get DOWN here! Annnndd.. CRASHHH!! Ceiling came down on us. I'm just typing this from the hospital bed. I'm staring at that mother F-word across from me still in a coma. I SWEAR I gonna pull his plug y'all! PEACE!

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