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Self love and happiness are not found, they are created. Loving yourself is the most productive thing you can do for your life because allthat doubt and underestimating is holding you back from reaching your full potential. Therefore, it is very important to fall in love withoneself. Learning to love yourself is a journey that teaches you short lessons and helps you increase genuine happiness in your life. Hereare some effective ways to learn to love yourself and be happy. Cast out of the idea that you have to be perfect. First of all, you need tounderstand that perfection does not exist. Everyone in this world has a different perspective. Therefore, the idea of perfection differsfrom one person to another. The good news is that you are perfect in your imperfection. Understand that the expectations of the societyare an unrealistic standard that can never be met. It is our human nature to always be hungry for more. Even if you hit that unrealisticstandard, you will always want more. As a result, you will become unhappy. So, do not compare yourself or your life to that unrealisticstandard. Try to be happy with what you have. Work on your progress and not on what others expect from you. Live in the momentevery day. Take a moment to look into yourself. See where you have come from and appreciate the beauty of the moment. Appreciatethat you are living, breathing, and functioning as a human being, which is the best gift of God. Daily gratitude. This is the key tohappiness. Spend 3 minutes each day, thinking of all the things you are grateful for and jot them down in a notebook. When you startwriting such things every day, you will start feeling positive and happy about yourself. Embrace the fact that you cannot controleverything. You can only control your reactions. What other people think of you is not under your control. Life is all about how you reactto the situations. So, instead of trying to get a hold over everything and everyone, do the best you can do and leave it to work itself out.Care about self. Self care is the easiest way to find happiness. No matter what people and society say, you must take out time from yourbusy schedule to pamper yourself and do things that put a smile on your face. Stay away from negative people. Be it on social media oryour personal life, try to remove all the negative people from your circle. Be with people who motivate you, correct your mistakes andmake you feel positive about everything. Always fill your mind with positive information and you will have a positive life. These are thequick fire lessons you need to learn to be happy. Practice them daily so that they get incorporated into your habit. Once you start lovingyourself, your life will improve, you will be happiness and attract numerous opportunities to flourish. Happiness is right in front of you,if only you choose to find it and practice it.

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