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created Sep 16th, 13:37 by Kuldeep Singh



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some people are still believe in the dhram gururs traditions daily in our day to day life we see that many people are in the cage of these types of peoples. soon we get that the whatsapp statues from them which they put on their id and soon it will known as the dhramaphobia in india. These dharm gurus created  a image of disruption in the people of the society and thats why they can say that they are the equal to the god and then they show the icon and tell that they are doing the right thing and the god is in the direct contact of them they can call god at any time and remove prolems of the simple man whose are the disciple of the gurus. We still live in the 20th century and will live in a world of science and people are so dark minded that they can not diffrentiat that these peoples makes them fool and earns a lot of income and property from them some people we see even can provide their land to the dharma gurus and still they are not understand that they are nothing but as usual as we are some people behaves with them that they are the superior person from us but in real we see that no one is superior we all are same  . having equal qualities and equal strength as they have so we don't need to afraid from these type of persons and we do hard work in our life because hard work will pays off one day not the wishes and the imagniery dreams that we see from the eye of gurus and it is totally bad thing to depend on these type of gurus they are making fool of you and take a big amount of money from you and live a luxrious life in their own buildings with all comfort of the world. This shows how the people of india are still live in the dark side of the life in india and their are so much of these type of people here beware of them.

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