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Before free medicine, we have to know that what is medicine, that is, treatment, a method of curing or curing any disease, or an art, just as there is a method to do every work, like Practicing to advocate, the police do their work in their own way, but it is necessary for everyone to be proficient in their work, only then they are said to be adept in that work, in the same way, to prevent diseases in medicine, to prevent the ill effects of diseases. Resolving is called medicine, the importance of work is more in any money, if a person does not know his work, then he is not able to treat him well, then the patient will probably not survive, the medicine should be such that he has the power to defeat the disease. And no one should hinder it, but provide solution and cooperation. When suffering from diseases, treatment is done to get rid of diseases, that is called medicine. That is called free medicine, in which the person does not have to pay any fee on his behalf and in it his health is protected and his diseases are cured. While going to the hospital and getting treatment, very few people know that there is some right of free medical treatment which poor and needy people have. For the poor people, the government has issued a guideline in which any poor patient can get their treatment free of cost. Free treatment will have to be done Under a monitoring committee formed by the High Court, now poor patients referred from government hospitals will be given free treatment in private hospitals. under the decision given in Supreme Court : According to the directions of the Supreme Court, IPD seats are fixed in hospitals, the High Court had said in its order that poor patients should be given admission, beds, medicine, treatment, surgery, Nursing, and food items will be provided free of cost, some private hospitals had challenged this decision in the Supreme Court, which was rejected by the court, according to the guideline, if any EWS is charged, then it will be contempt of government It will decide what punishment to be given to them.  During treatment in Government hospitals, if a patient needs to be referred, he may, by order of the in-charge, be referred to a private hospital appointed by the Government for free treatment.
The information about the beds for free medical treatment as determined by the Government shall be with the private hospitals if the patient is immediately referred to the private hospital in the absence of facilities or beds in the Government hospital.

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