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I have studied under many good teachers. I have liked and respected them. I learnt a lot from them.They exercised a deep influence on my character. But the best I have yet come across is Mr. A.K. Mishra. He is a teacher of Hindi. I regard him as an ideal teacher. His pupils love and respect him. They are always happy in his company. It is his qualities that have made him so popular. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He wears simple Clothes which are always neat and clean. He has a well-built body. He has never been known to fall ill. The secret of his good health lies in his balanced diet. He is clean in his habits. He avoids all things that are harmful to healthy living. He always looks at the bright side of things. He makes light of his difficulties. He has pleasing manners. His attitude towards his pupils is always sympathetic He welcomes questions from his pupils. He is their friend and guide. He knows his subject very well. His pupils and the Principal of the college admire him for his learning. He makes his teaching very interesting. Hindi Grammar is a headache for many students but he teaches it in a very easy way. Even the dullest boy can follow him. He has a keen sense of duty and does not waste a single minute in the class. He keeps his pupils busy. That is why he is able to maintain perfect discipline in his class. He commands obedience from his pupils. He takes a great interest in all the activities of the college. He organizes debates, dramas and annual functions. He is held in great esteem by his old pupils also. Life Insurance allows long-term savings since payments can be made effortlessly because of the 'easy instalment' facility built into the scheme.

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