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If there is peace in the neighborhood, then the person sleeps peacefully, but this peace can only be sustained when along with the neighbors, we are also in favor of peace and understand whether the neighbors deserve peace? The battle of supremacy always works to kill peace. Bypassing the quarrels of frivolity, being 'non-aligned' is the first step to peace. But when the water passes through the nose, we cannot remain neutral. Lessons taught at the right time can also open a new path of peace for a long time. There have been many ups and downs in India's foreign policy since independence. Let us try to know how exactly India is a neighbor? It is often in the family that if something comes to the neighbor's house, then it is discussed in spite of being disinterested in his house. Especially if the neighbor is in the immediate vicinity of the house, then what happened, what has gone, the eyes become even more sharp. Another aspect of a neighbor is that if he is good, then your life also fills with joy. And if he is of a good attitude, then he will often bother you. The annoying neighbor will do something purposely that even if you are a person of the same trend, you cannot live without being affected. It is therefore important that at least it should be in Barabari, if not above the neighbor. The Assam government has recently announced that in the next month i.e. in November, it is going to bring a notification to close all the state-run madrasas and Sanskrit tols or Sanskrit centers in the state. That said, government-funded madrasas and tols will be reorganized as regular schools within the next five months. Explaining the reason for taking this decision by the government, the Education Minister of Assam said, The job of a secular government is not to provide religious education. We cannot spend government funds for religious education. Apart from this, he said that now that modern society. Even after so many years, we come across the country every day to hear the news of death due to human entry into septic tanks and drains. With a view to ending such tragic events, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has initiated a technology challenge from non-governmental organizations to seek suitable solutions. In order to promote the latest technologies instead of human intervention in the cleaning of sewers and septic tanks in the country. Apart from cleaning the septic tanks and drains, manual scavenging has also become a curse for those engaged in this work. Manual scavenging refers to any form of manual.  

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