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1000+ Word Used In The Constitution
Abandonment Abridgement abrogation access account accrual accured accusation accused acquisition act acting actionable adaptation addressed adherence adhoc adjournment administer administered administration administrative  function administrator General admiralty additional judge admissible adoption adulteration adult Suffrage advance advice advise advisory Council advocate General affect prejudicially affirmation agency agent agreement Air force Air Navigation Air Traffic Air ways alien alienate alienation allegation allegiance allocation allot allotment amensty amount annual annual financial statement annuity annulment appeal appear appended application appointment appropriation appropriation Bill Approval approve arbitral tribunal arbitration arbitrator area armed forces arrest article assemble assembly assent assessment assignment association assurance of property as the case may be attachment attorney General audit auditor general authentication authority authorize autonomous autonomy auxiliary award Bail ballot bank baking bankruptcy bar benefit betting bicameral bill of exchange bill of indemnity bill of lading board body bona vacancia borrowing boundary broadcasting business bye-election bye-law Calling camp candidate cantonment capacity capital capital Value capitation Tax carriage casting vote cattle pound cause of action central intelligence bureau certificate certiorari cess chairman charge charitable and religious endowments charitable institution charity casting vote cheque chief commissioner chief election commissioner chief judge chief justice chief minister citizenship civil Court civil power civil wrong civil suit civil court claim clarification clause code coinage colonization commerce commercial commission commissioner committee court of record corporate Body Common Good common seal communicate means of Communication community commutation company compensation competent complaint comptroller and auditor general computation concurrence concurrent list condition conditions of service conference want of conscience consent consequential consideration consolidated fund constituency constituent assembly constitution construe consul consultation consumption contact contagious contempt contempt of court contex contingency fund contract contravention contribution control controversy convention conveyance convicted conviction Co-operative society copyright corporation corporation sole corporation tax corresponding corrupt cost council council or states council tribal countervailing duty court criminal court district court federal high court court magistrate court matrial court of appeal court off wards court of revenue court session concurrent list credit crime criminal criminal law currency custody custom custom duty Dealings debate debenture debit bebt decision decree dedication deed defamation defence deliberation delimitation demand demarcation demobilization deprive deputy chairman deputy commissioner deputy president deputy speaker derogation descent design detrimental death duty diplomacy direction disability discharge disciplinary discipline discovery discretion discrimination discussion dismiss disperse dispute disqualification disqualify dissent dissolution distribution district district board district council district fund dividend divorce document domicile domiciled dullness during good behaviour during the pleasure of president duty duty stamp duty succession Economic education efficiency of administration elect elected election election commissioner election tribunal electrol roll electorate eligibility eligible emergency emergent emigration emoluments employer’s liability enactment encumbered estate endorse endorsed endowment engagement engineering enterprise entitled entrust entry equality equal protection of laws escheat establishment estate duty estate estiate evidene exces profit exclude excise duty export duty exclusion exclusive jurisdication executive executive power exempt exercise ex-officio expenditure explanation explosives export extend external affairs extradition extra territorial operation extra judge  Factory faith fare federal court fee finance finance bill finance commission financial  financial obligation first reading finace statement fine fishery forbid forbidden forces foreign affairs foreign exchanges form formula formulated for the time being  freedom freedom of speech freight frontiers function function administrative fund fund sinking future market  Gambling gazzette general election govern governance government government of state government of india governor governing body grant grant in aid gratuity guarantee guardian guidance Habeas corpus handicrafts hazardous headman high court honorarium house house of people Illegal illegal practice immuned immunity impeachment implementing  impose imprisonment improvement trust import duty incapacity incidental incompetency incompetent incorporation incumbent of an office indebtedness industry ineligible infants infectious influence initiate injury inland waterways inoperative inquiry insolvency inspection institution instruction instrument insurance intercourse interest indirect election international interpretation intestacy intestate introduce introduction invalid invalidity pensions investigation involve involved irregularity issue Joining time joint family judge judgement judicial power judicial proceeding judicial stamp judiciary jurisdiction Labour labour union land records land revenue land tenures law law of nations legal legislation legislative power legislative assemble legislative council legislature letters of credit levy legal tender liability libel liberty license lieutenant governor limitation list livelihood living wage loans local area local authorities local board local body local government local self government lockup lower house lunacy lunatic Maintain maintenance major majority mandamus manufacture maritime shipping maternity relief member memo memorandum memorial mental deficiency mental weakness merchandise marks merchandise marine migration mind unsound mineral mineral resources mining settlement minor minority misbehaviour modification money bill morality motion of confidence motion no-confidence municipal committee municipal tramways Nation highways naturalization naval navigation newspaper nomination notice in writing notification  
Obligation occupation officer official residence opinion order in council order standing ordinance organization owner Parliament partnership pass passed passport patent pecuniary jurisdiction penalty pending pension permission perpetual succession perquisite personal law piracy plead police police force policy of insurance port-quarantine possession preamble preference prejudice preside previous consent previous sanction president presiding officer preventive detention prisoner privileges process proclamation proclamation emergency prohibited prohibition proportional representation proposal prorogue provided proxy publication public debt public demand public health public notification public order public service commission public service  
Qualification quarantine question of law quorum quo warranto Ratification receipt paper recommend recommendation record of right recruitment recurring redemption charges reference reformatory refundable to regional commissioner regional council regional fund registered registration regulation relevancy relevant remission remuneration repeal representation representative reprieve repugnancy repugnant requisition reserved forest respite restriction retire retirement review revoke reward rule of the road ruler Safeguard sale savings standing committee select committee security sentence service charges session single transferable vote sinking fund slander social custom social insurance social service sovereign democratic republic speaker staff stamp duties standing orders state funds state list stock exchange subject matter subordinate officer succession successor sue suffrage summon superintendent supplementary grant supreme command suspend subordinate court supreme court Tax calling tax capitation tax corporation tax employment tax entertainment tax export tax profession tax income tax sales tax terminal tax trades technical training tenant tenure term territorial charges territorial jurisdiction territorial waters territory territorial constituency tidal water tools trade marks trade union traffic human training tramcar transfer transition transport transportation treasure troves treaty tribal area tribe tribunal triennial trust  Undischarged unemployment union union hist unity unsoundness of mind Vacancy vagrancy validity vice-president village council violation visas vocation voter votes on account votes of credit Wage warrant will writ

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