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Madam, several hon. members have referred to the problems faced by weaker sections of our
Society. I fully agree with them that we need to focus on the developmental gaps affecting the
weaker sections of our population. I would like to assure the hon. members that we will effectively
deal with this important task. Many hon. members have also made references to the price situation
in the country. There is no doubt that in the last two years or so, the prices have become a problem
for us. Fortunately, there are now indications that prices are coming under control, but we have to
be vigilant. It was in this context that the Finance Minister's effort to control the fiscal deficit is
very relevant. Our fiscal deficit increased in the year 2008-09 because of the developments in the
international economic climate, and it was our hope that we would be able to get back to a more
reasonable level of fiscal deficit in the year 2011-12. So, it is very important that Finance Minister
succeeds in the control of fiscal deficit as it is essential for us to achieve our objectives of inclusive
growth with reasonable price stability.
Today, India is facing many problems. The problem of rising prices is one of the most
important problems facing the country. According to some economists, the growing economy of
this country is one of the factors responsible for rising prices. In a growing economy, the supply of
money increases quickly but the supply of goods takes time to increase. Production of consumer
goods has been rising at a comparatively slow rate in our country. Again, black money and the
rapidly increasing population in the country have further increased inflation and consequently rise in

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