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The largest island in Europe is Great Britain. It is separated from France by the Strait of Dover and the English Channel. Great Britain, Wales, Scotland and England is the joint name of the three countries. When Northern Ireland is included in Great Britain, it is called the UK, that is, the United Kingdom, between Great Britain and Ireland lies the Iris Sea  the capital of England, London is located on the banks of the River Thames. Europe is the largest city on the continent. Paris, the capital of France, is located on the banks of the Seine River. The Sea River falls into the English Channel. It is the most beautiful city in the world, that is why it is also called the city of fashion. Between France and Italy, the world's longest tunnel is located, whose length is 12 kilometers. .
The Pyrenees Mountains are located between France and Spain, France is also known as the country of farmers and the queen of the seas, the only country in Europe that is self-sufficient. Italy is called the India of Europe, Italy is an agricultural country, the capital of Italy is Rome, which is situated on the river Tiber  Rome is also called the city of seven hills, here lies the Alps mountain between Italy and France, whose highest mountain is The peak is Mount Black located in France, whose height is 4810 meters, the Po river flowing in Italy is called the Ganges of Europe.
Turkey is called the patient of Europe Turkey's position is between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey's capital is Ankara, the Kiel canal is located in Germany, which connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea and the Gota Canal Sweden which connects the Wettern Lake to the Baltic Sea. Is. Finland is known as the country of thousands of lakes. Norway is known as the land of the fjord beaches and the land of the midnight sun. The Jura Mountains are located between France and Switzerland. The name of the Jura Mountains lies at the base of the Jurassic Period. The world's busiest river, the Rhine, originates from the Jura Mountains. On the banks of this river, the world's largest freight-carrying port is Rotterdam, Europe's largest port of Switzerland. It is also called the playground. The only river flowing from west to east in Europe is the Danube River, which passes through 10 countries and falls into the Black Sea.
Ukraine produces the most wheat, so it is called bread nugget, while Hungary is called wheat storage. The most important rail route on the continent of Europe is the Oriental Express, this rail route connects the French capital Paris with Istanbul in Turkey. Denmark country is world famous for dairy industry cooperative agriculture is done here in Russia, collective agriculture is called Kolkhoz, most grapes, figs and olives are produced in the countries of the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea is also called the world's orchard.  

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