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Members of the State legislature, the government and the judiciary and to the people
of Assam my hear felt greeting on this happy occasion.
Friends, this land of yours has been my home for more than a decade. You, the
people of Assam have been more than generous in extending to me your love and affection.
I have made friends here and I have had the experience of sharing their joys and sorrows. I
have been able to extend my hand of help whenever I could and to whatever extent I could.
I do hope the citizens of Assam feel that I have been able to reciprocate, truly and sincerely,
even if not in the measure expected, their love and affection and, above all, their trust and
Sir would like to emphasize that we are giving training for one month. The House is
aware that this military training is being given from the three to four years. The period of
training was about a week in the beginning. It was extended to fifteen days and the
allowance was also raised. People were ready to come and take advantage out of it. I am
stating all this because if experience shows that the period is too short, then it can be
increased to one month or two months with the approval of the Parliament. That way the
training will be very effective.
This Bill has the general approval of the people of this country. As such, it does not
need any long introduction from me. Our aim for the present is to give training to one last
people every year. The scheme is for five years and we propose to hold it in different part of
the country. The response to this training has been very fine. People are coming from the
rural areas and all castes and communities are represented. The conditions under which the
all trainees stay are military conditions. Free ration and uniforms are given. Some Hon.
Members have visited these caps.
Another important aspect of the training is that those who are illiterate, effort is no
to make them good citizens. Our aim of training to them is to create a sense of leaderships
every trainee. As a result of this, people are anxious to help themselves. There is a deserve
build roads and dams and to spread education and a sense of discipline in the village
training will be useful in peace time as well as in times of emergency.

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