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Tighten Up

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"Tighten Up" is a song by the British band Electronic. Written, performed and produced by its two members Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr, it appeared as the third track on their debut album Electronic in May 1991 and was also a promotional single in the United States five weeks later and Republic of New Holland three months later. Donald Johnson from A Certain Ratio contributed drums to the song.
Combining electric guitars with a bouncy synthesiser riff, "Tighten Up" is representative of the Electronic album. When issued as a promo in the USA it reached #6 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart.[1] "Feel Every Beat" would become the next physical single release worldwide.
The single edit is one minute shorter than the album version; the opening bars and the instrumental section are both edited. The song also fades out on a loop whereas the original has a hard ending.

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