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Among my many ambitions is a trip to Mars. However, I certainly wouldn't rush the planet because it hasn't been declared habitable. I would wait for it to develop for a few years before planning my trip. I will go to Mars with my friends. I will plan a trip for at least 15 days as I feel that I will not get a chance to visit the planet very often due to distance and expenses. Therefore, I would like to explore every corner of this planet in this journey. We humans have been known to demarcate and label the land. I'm sure as earth; Mars will also be divided into several countries in a few years. While some of these countries will be worth spending time for others may only be worthy of a look. I will talk to the local people on this planet and gather information on how and where everyone can make the most of the trip. I will go to as many places and try all kinds of cuisines available on Mars. I will buy a lot and take back sovereignty for my loved ones. I will also take a lot of pictures to cherish the memories of the days spent there. I aspire to be an astronomer. Celestial bodies fascinate me. My school organizes space workshop every year and I make sure that I participate in the same every year. During these sessions, we are told about the Sun, Moon, planets and stars in detail.
Apart from getting theoretical knowledge about these, we get to see some of them through binoculars, which is my favorite part. It's all mesmerizing and my interest in astronomy is growing with each of my workshops. It is Mars that has caught my interest more than any other celestial body. I will definitely plan a manned mission to the Red Planet when I become an astronomer. As I look forward to going to Mars, I am very afraid to go to the planet alone. I would like to visit the planet with a team of fellow astronomers and technicians. However, I dream of becoming the first person to land on Mars. After all, people only remember the first person to complete a mission. The names of the rest are soon forgotten. Just as we all great fame. My name will be published in every newspaper and will be published on every news channel.

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