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Join jain classes whatsapp group Mp judical assistant post test series, typing matter and many more so please send your name and city name send on this number- 8109957050

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The Supreme Court of India was constituted as per Chapter IV of the Part V of Constitution of India. The fourth Chapter of the Indian Constitution is  The Union Judiciary. Under this Chapter, the Supreme Court of India is vested with all Jurisdiction. As per Article 124, The Supreme Court of India had been Constituted and Established. As per Article 129, the Supreme Court is to be the Court of Record. As per Article 131, the Original Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is authorized. As per Articles 132, 133, 134 the Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is authorized. Under Article 135, Federal Court's Power is given to the Supreme Court. Article 136 is dealing with the Special leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court. Review Power of the Supreme Court is explained in Article 137. Article 138 deals with the Enlargement of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Article 139 deals with the Conferment on the Supreme Court of powers to issue certain writs. Ancillary powers of Supreme Court is given as per Article 140. On behalf of Jain Classes, MP. High Court's WhatsApp target group is being run, within which we get 10 computer and 10 English time testers done in the morning and night from Monday to Friday, then the results of the participants of each district are entered, so that it To know how ready you are for the High Court, after that in the night the link of Legal Matter is given for English and Hindi typing, then on Saturday there is a test of 50 numbers in which English and computer comes in high level then on Sunday Distinct The court is tested for 100 marks, the result of all these is entered, after the test, so far more than 100 participants have joined our group, 02 days demo is given in our group, join the group today. And whatsapp the name of the city on this number 8109957050  

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