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A good citizen must be a friends of law and order. He must strain every nerve in putting down crimes, and removing the sources of disorder and disruption that ravage the country. He must assist the Government in bringing law-breakers to book. Criminals must be made to feel that have not only the police but also all respectable citizens against them, for as a citizen he has a vote a vote and he is responsible for using that vote the good of his country. He must feel it to be his duty to improve the defective institutions of his country. He must be interested in the problems of national welfare and must be ready to offer his help to those who are trying to.  
Are our Universities to be content with merely turning our graduate whose knowledge of an alien language and efficiency in other initiative arts have roused a certain amount of good natured astonishment among foreign critics? Those days of tolerant appreciation are now happily passed away. You have to pass a few severer tests, and your won work you have to win the recognition of the world. The civilized nations have in modern times each made notable contribution to the world’s advancement. What new and original store have you contributed and what steps have you taken that your contributions do not remain sporadic or uncertain.
I have spoken of the new lines of investigation which have had their birth in India and which will contribute materially to the intellectual advancement and further the welfare of humanity. Will these advances in various branches of science in Medicine, in various branches of science, in Medicine in Agriculture and in Biophysics benefit only India or the whole world. Shall these then remain the offering of an individual worker to come to an end with him or shall there rise a school of science to hold the need of recognition which has so hardly been won and maintain a continuous and glorious tradition of India gifts to the world in the realm of science.  
Very little serious and intelligent thought has been given to the questions  which is one of the most important problems for shaping the future up with people, being able to stand things. No one has ever written an ode to tolerance, or raised a stature to her. Yet this is the quality which will be most needed after the war.  

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