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Scary Storytime- #348093

created Aug 17th, 15:55 by Gloria Lin



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There once was a woman that tried to put her hair in a bun. She made the perfect bun in an hour and a half. She loved the style and had decided to keep it like that forever, like for the rest of her life. So, everyday when she went to work, she would have it in a bun. When she went to go and take a shower, the lady just put on a shower cap, trying not to ruin it. Whenever she didn't wash her hair and when her hair got itchy she would just spray hairspray and ignore it. At  some times, the itching would get so bad she'd just spray more hair spray in her bun, and not take notice of it. One day when she was sleeping, her husband tried waking her up. But she didn't budge. So then her husband tried and tried waking her up, and finally decided to check her pulse. THe woman was found dead in her sleep and was instantly rushed to the emergency room. The doctor's at first were finely confused about how she died outta sight. So they took out her bun, and what they found in her bun was surprising. The doctor's figured out that inside her bun was a spider, that eventually laid eggs and they bit through her scalp and ate her brain while she was alsleep.  

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