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About my life( moved 16times)part1

created Aug 17th, 06:35 by Yerin Yun



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Hi, I'm Yerin. I was seven when my family moved from Korea to America. I went to kindergarten in Wisconsin. It was a great place to learn english and my classmates were fantastic. Now when I was eight I moved to Washington D.C. I was in first grade. Now in first grade my classmates started to find interest in me because I was Asian. They would always ask me if I was from North Korea or South Korea. I didn't really know the difference, so I would always say I was from North Korea...(im from South Korea) Anyway I was there until the end of second grade, then I moved to Pennsylvania. Now in third grade I was a big tomboy. I loved playing rugby with the older and younger boys. Didn't really understand how girls in my grade would wear dresses and skirts. And I think I wanted to be a boy? Because it looked so fun being a boy. I eventually got over it and now love being a girl. Anyhow in third grade my usual routine would be, School, home, playground, dinner, playground, shower, sleep. Even tho I loved to play I got good grades because class felt a bit easy. I also remember that my nickname was pancake because I had a lower nose then all the other kids. :( Now in fourth grade I moved back to Korea. But this is getting long. I'll make part two if this gets a lot of people typing. Anyway bye!  

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