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The benefit of yoga provides both instant and long lasting transformation. In the world of fitness both are extremely important. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity quickly while preparing your mind and body for long term health. Yoga encourages overall health and wellness. It is not just about working out it is about a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga allows students to find stillness in a world of stress. Peace and silence can be achieved with the proper yoga determination. Yoga is deep breathing and meditation practice that helps foster an inner soul to do better and fight back with all the problems of life. Yoga helps relieve stress of your mind and helps you to become more focused. One of the benefits of yoga is that you can choose a yoga style that is related to your lifestyle such as hot yoga, power yoga etc. Whether you prefer to practice at home or in a private session there are huge variety of options available to suit your goals and needs. Strength training and flexibility. Yoga focuses on strength training and flexibility which can give an incredible benefit to your body. The postures are meant to strengthen your body from the inside out so that you do not just look good but also feel good too. Adapted from the basic Ashtanga yoga, power yoga requires increased energy, focus and strength. Although power yoga starts from the basics but it certainly is not a basic course. Most poses are held for five full breaths in comparison to the usual one of three breaths. Muscles are challenged as the mind and body have to work together at the same time to hold a position without giving up. Breathing, posing, moving and increasing flexibility done together at one time which creates a new level of discipline in your mind and body. Isometric exercises are one of the best ways to build core strength. Power yoga uses isometric exercises along with other postures that are designed to make the core and back stronger. So it is important to train this area of the body. In turn, you can increase the strength and health of your entire body. Generally a high temperature room is used in this practice to help keep the muscles warm and release additional toxins from the body. Here are some of the most beneficial feature of power yoga. It increases survival, strength, and flexibility. Mental and physical stamina are tested through holding postures for extended breaths. Arm and shoulder strength is increased as you use your own body weight for action. Lats, traps, and other back muscles begin to support the spine better than before. Abdominal's are refined and toned through building core muscles. Posture begins to correct itself over time. Hip flexors are stretched and strengthened. Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves are strengthened. No matter what ails your aching body or if you just want to take your fitness to a higher level, the ability of power yoga to build muscle has a positive effect on the total body.  

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