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In a democratic  society no one should be discriminated against because of caste and creed.  
A summons was served on him last week.  
As a responsible officer you should dispense justice to the poor and the needy.  
Whenever she goes out her chaperon accompanies her.  
The meeting began at 2 p.m. and he had arrived quite earlier.  
The news of the Prime minister's death spread all over the country.  
He always travelled second class with a view to understanding the pulse of his countrymen.  
She was admitted the hospital when she met with a serious accidetn.  
After his death, his wife and children died from misery and starvation.  
While going to college, I met my old friends on the way.  
My friends entrusted me with his valueables when he went abroad.  
Our neighbour was charged with last year.  
you must comply with the orders of your seniors.  
The father of my friend deals with medicine.  
She has been ill with fever since monday.  
Real beauty consits in good character.  
The dacoits set fire to the house.  
There was warning on the notice board , no admittance without permission.  
While returning from delhi, he lost his purse.  
He was overwhelmed with grief on the demise fo his father.  
She is very arrogant because she comes of from a rich family.  
he has not come to meet me although  he came back a week before.  
I saw him climbing on the tree to pluck the mangoes.  
Everybody knows what kanpur is famous for.  
He has never wished for any reward alth0ough he has served suffering humanity throughout the life.  
Do you know he will be operated on tomorrow in a delhi hospital.  
Six teams are competing for the singer world cup.  
She prays to god everyday  for the safe return of her son.  
they were talking something but i do not know what they are talking.  

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