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LAN is privately owned network that operates in a very small geographic area up to few kilometers. It is used to link devices in a single office, building and a campus. A LAN is used to connect the computers and other network devices so that the devices can communicate with each other to share the resources. The resources to be shared can be a hardware device like printer, software like an application program or data. The size of LAN is usually small. It is determined by the licensing restrictions on the number of user per copy of software, or by restrictions on the number of users licensed to access operating system. The various devices in LAN are connected to central devices called Hub or Switch using a cable. Hubs and switches are the communication devices used in the network. The cables from the computer to the hub allow the data transmission to pass from one computer to other. Now-a-day LANs are being installed using wireless technologies. Such a system makes use of access point or APs to teansmit and receives data. One of the computers in a network can become a server serving all the remaining computers called Clients. LANs are also distinguished from MANs and WANs on the basis of transmission media and topology. In general, a given LAN will use only one type of transmission medium. The most common types of topologies used in LAN are bus, ring and star. LAN offers high speed communication of data rates of 4 to 16 megabits per second. Depending on the size of the company and the building there may be one or more LANs.

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