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Once upon a time  there was a king. He was very rich. But he was not happy as he wanted to be more rich. His only aim was to become the richest and most powerful of all kings on the earth. One day he decided to take a tour around his kingdom. He saw a person who was very happily going past him. The man seemed very poor. It surprised the king that he was so happy. The king stepped down from his horse and stopped the man and asked him why he is so happy in spite of being poor. The man said that though he is very poor he is satisfied with what he has. He explained the king that he earns 10 coins a day by working one average, from which he spends five coins to fetch food for him and his family, two for his children to meet their needs for education and entertainment, one coin for his parents and saves two coins. He looked very happy with his modest lifestyle. The king was very pleased and rewarded the man for teaching him some lesson that "we must be satisfied with whatever we have and should not strive for accumulating lot of wealth as our sole motive"

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