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The way we live today is completely different from the life that humans lived thousands of years ago. In ancient times or the Stone Age, about 20 million years ago, humans lived among the wild animals in the jungles. Struggling to find food, he hunted wild animals, caught fish and birds and ate them to quench his hunger. He climbed trees for fruits, vegetables and leaves. Thus man of the early period is also known as hunter-gatherer. He lived in caves and wore clothes made of animal skin and leaves. Like modern people, the person of that time also loved to live with his family.
The man of the early period often wandered from one place to another in search of food and settled in places where there was a river or water nearby. He used to go from one place to another only when all the sources of food were exhausted in his place. Animals and birds also usually traveled from one place to another. Since animals were the main source of food for the humans of the early period, he also went with them. Apart from this, different trees and plants also produced fruits and vegetables in different seasons. In this way, the man of the early period also used to walk according to the weather. He used to walk in groups because it gave him a sense of security.
In early times the walking man quickly invented the wheel and built a bullock cart to travel long distances. He also made many tools with the help of stone and wood. As mankind developed, man pulled out of the cave and built houses for himself. Soon various human civilizations were formed. In order to create new things to make life better, mans attention shifted from hunting for food to dossier things. This was the beginning of a new era and the men living in this era came to be called the medieval man. At the same time, the physical qualities as well as the level of thinking of humans developed much more than the Stone Age man.
Lifestyle, culture and other aspects evolved and man came to be known as modern man after that. The development of man gave him the name of modern human. The modern man is quite different from the man of the modern era in terms of appearance, behavior and mental capacity. Due to some human interventions and many natural factors, so many changes came in human life. Man evolved and the way he lived in early times is completely different from it now. The man of the early times was certainly physically stronger and more fit than the man of modern times. However, when it comes to the mental aspect, it has increased manifold over time.  

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