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It is truly said that the first seven years of a man's life are the most impressionable and the teaching and training he receives as a young child will never be forgotten. There is no doubt that the impressions made on a child in his early ears are not easily forgotten. In fact, they have a great deal to do with fixing his character and opinions for the rest of his life. It is only natural that it is the mother who has the greatest influence on the child. As we know, the child is with its mother all day and night. It is the mother who leads it and cares for it in babyhood. It learns its first lessons at its mother's knee and most of its early moral training is given by the mother. The father is away from home at his work most of the day. So, though he has to take his share in the training of the child, his influence cannot, as a rule, be as great as that of the mother. So, it is to a great degree true that man and woman owe more to the influence, training and example of their mothers in early childhood than to any other influence. As a matter of fact, what they do in the world as man and woman is largely determined by what she did for them when they were tiny children. Thus she indirectly through them governs the destiny of the race. It is her hand that rocks the cradle and so, it is her hand that indirectly rules the world.
This is true whether the influence of the mother is good or bad. The future of the nation depends on the character and training of the mother's of the rising generation. So, it is a matter of great importance that he mother's should be educated and fitted for their important task. This is why we should lay great stress on the proper education of women.
In the same way as long as there is life, there is hope. Hope springs eternal in human breast. Man cannot live without hope. It is hope which sustains life. One who gives up hope is already dead even before one's physical death. If a man gives up hope, he can think of finding no solace or peace at any future date. Life before him is dull and desolate where he can think of achieving nothing. In such a case life will become burdensome for man. The best thing for a person is to have hope and this can be done in many ways.

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