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One day a businessman decided to go to the city to do business. He also took some more people with him. They had to pass through the desert to get to the city. When those people reached the desert, they started feeling very hot. The businessman and his companions decided that they would travel the rest of the night. When nightfall occurred, they resumed their journey. One of them knew the stars. He began to show people the way forward according to the position of the stars. They traveled all night without stopping. They stopped when it was day and started resting there. They continued traveling for two days like this. Now his journey was left for a day. Suddenly, all the water near them ran out. All the people were tired and they did not have the power to travel without drinking water. He sat down.
The merchant decided to find water. He walked Eventually, he saw some grass. He started thinking Being grass here means that there will be water under the earth. All his companions ran away and started digging. The merchant jumped into their dug pit and tried to listen to something by listening to the rock lying in it.He told his comrades, I hear the sound of water flowing inside this rock. We should not give up hope. Saying this, the merchant came out of the pit and said to his companions, If you guys lose courage, we will be lost too. So don't give up and keep digging.  
All the companions started to break the rock with a hammer. They did not lose courage by obeying the merchant. Eventually, the rock broke and the crater was filled to the brim with water. All the people drank water. They also watered their bulls and bathed fiercely.
After bathing and washing, they began to rip the wood they brought with them. They lit a fire with those sticks and cooked rice. Everyone ate food and rested throughout the day.
They also buried a flag near the pit, so that the passengers coming and going also get to know about the water. After the end of the day everyone started the journey again and reached the city by morning. There he did business well and returned to his village after earning a good profit. Everything can be achieved by desire and determination.

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