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Hey let's randomly type as fast as we can, shall we?

created Sep 4th 2014, 22:32 by airwalt



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Well hello there.  Are you bored?  Are you just trying to become a better typer? Let's see how quickly you can type up this random jumble of a message.  You can type simple words or complex sentences but type type type as fast as you can and try to stay accurate.  Hmm let's see, let's randomly type different foods in alphabetical order.. why do you ask?  Because I'm bored and I'm sure you are too: apples bananas carrots dates eggs french fries grapefruit hot dogs ice cream jam kentucky fried chicken (why not?) lemons mustard.. Ok I'm going to skip a couple letters; can't really think of foods that start with Q or X or Z for example.  Now, where were we? nuts onion pineapple rice sausage turnips UHH veal walnuts yams.. GEE that was fun, wasn't it?  Well it wasn't exactly a typing party but at least we all got to practice a little bit.  Have a wonderful day, world!  Happy typing! Love, airwalt

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