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1) Lucid: adjective- easily understood; clear; intelligible. 2) Appease: verb-pacify or sooth; relieve.
 3) Bolster: noun-support; reinforce. 4) Intractable: adjective-unruly; stubborn; unyielding.
 5) Oblique: adjective-having a slanting or sloping direction. 6) Elocution: noun-art of clear and expressive speaking.  
7) Ablution: noun-act of cleansing. 8) Ablution: noun- act of cleansing; as in to wash oneself.  
9) Parley: noun- a discussion between two groups of people, especially one that is intended to end an argument.
 10) (to) Antedate: verb-predate; precede in time; come before (something) in date.  
11) (to) Suit: verb- be convenient for or acceptable to; act entirely according to one's own wishes.  
12) Marauding: adjective-going from place to place in order to find people to attack or things to steal or destroy.

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