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Hello world

created Dec 15th 2020, 15:38 by AnaMFilip



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Hello, guys! This is Ana from Romania. I'm a writer, so I type away at my keyboard all day. Nevertheless, I just cannot get over 100wpm. I don't think I need though for I wouldn't be able to think that fast ha-ha-ha.  
I don't think it is about how fast you can type, but rather about how fast you can think something so you can type. So you'd better stop wasting time around here and go study and do your homework or work or whatever you need to do.  
It is fun to test your writing speed, but just for fun. I'm sure you all have other more important and urgent things to do that you put off at the moment, killing time on this platform, don't you?
Yeah, I know you do. This is not a solution, guys, running away from your problems. The only way to solve them is to go through them. As Winston Churchill would say: "The only way to go through hell is to keep going". This makes no sense at all, does it, but I hope you get a nice wpm score on the text.
Cheers to all the procrastinators out there!  

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