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A fair looks like a temporary commercial market place which also has many entertainment activities going on simultaneously. In India usually a fair is organized during festivals. A fair looks like an area with hundreds of temporary shops selling various products to the people who have gathered to visit the fair. While a small village fair is marked by hawkers selling toys and sweets a large city fair is a huge event. In a city fair long queue of eager visitors with happy children could be seen at the ticket counter. From inside the fair looks like a huge market place selling all kinds of products one could imagine; from balloons to toys clothes shoes artifacts utensils kitchen equipments household equipments furniture and what not. Children especially love fairs as they get to buy different toys and play on different type of swings and ferry wheels. A fair could also be a conglomeration of specific items or it could be a religious conglomeration. Examples of former type of fairs include book fair cattle fair etc. Religious fairs are fairs that are held at particular places of religious significance that too on a particular day.  
A religious fair could also be held at different locations in order to celebrate religious festivals like Dussehra Diwali etc. A city fair could be held at any specific date throughout the year. Usually a city fair is held for years around the same period. It could be a trade fair or a normal festival fair. Trade fairs are meant for selling unique artifacts crafts jewellery furniture carpets and other products. A trade fair is primarily meant for commercial activities with a limited presence of fun and entertainment activities. Book fair opens up tremendous opportunities for the prospective readers to go through a number of books that wouldnt be available otherwise. It has everything for everyone.

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