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That day was normal until we saw that girl. It all started when Billy and I were on the way to our friend house. On the road we saw a girl who was hurt pretty badly. She had a petite body with blood-red hair. There seems to be a cut on her shoulder and there is a hole in her stomach. Billy was freaking out dropping his phone and here I was paralyzed with fear until I remember that the hospital is near, so I quickly went over to her picking her up gently and rushed over to the hospital. Unexpectedly I bump into a giant. He was easily eight feet tall. Since I was in a rush, I quickly apologized. He on the other hand  lifted the girl who was on my back without saying anything and disappeared. I tried to find them but failed. Then things became fuzzy fading to black and I woke up from my nap. I had to tell someone about my dream, so I headed out, but things felt weird; everything was red, blood-red.

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