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You cannot avoid the fact that this day will present you with difficulties. What you can do is make the living of this day worth all the difficulties. Nothing is going to make life perfect. Yet from anything you can make life rich and meaningful. Your problems won't all be solved for you. Yet you can step forward, face those problems, and transform them into new value. Before you get to feeling too sorry for yourself, look around. Realize that a change in outlook can bring you a whole new world of possibilities. It could be that whatever intimidates you can be made to strengthen you. Or perhaps you can take hold of what was getting you down, and make use of it to lift you up. Reality is unthinkably vast, yet the reality that matters most is the reality you choose to see and to deal with. Choose from a place of love, with positive purpose, and fill your days with meaningful living. The mountain has been there longer than you remember. Go ahead now, and climb it. Each step brings you up to a higher perspective. Take the first one, and the next, and the next. Feel confidence and enthusiasm as they build up within you. Feel energy that's eager to be put to good use. Look ahead, look up to the summit as it beckons. See the challenge that you will now transform into achievement. Give thanks for the difficulties that will each make you stronger. Point that strength again and again in a positive direction. Persist all the way until you reach the top. Then gaze out with satisfaction and choose the next mountain to climb. There is a place where the joys remain. There is a place where the golden days, the precious moments, live on and on.

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