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A book I'm working on

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I thought about putting a book I'm planning to write on here, because why not? I hope you like it, it's pretty long.  
“May one child below the age of teen find the lost kingdom of Blaskimir. That boy will be led by the Catalot princess and her apprentice to solitude and peace. This is the Blaskimir Legend."
Eisen rushed downstairs, carrying a plate of a simple breakfast. Two bacon strips, eggs and toast with a fork to the side. He called out, “Papa, Papa!” as his footsteps clattered in a rhythmic tune. One, two, three; one, two, three. His grandfather, or as he called him, Papa James, looked up from the newspapers stuffed in front of him to lift an eyebrow up at his grandson. “Yes, Eisen?” He asked as Eisen set down the plate of food onto the side table beside the recliner James sat on, pushing his glasses further up his nose bridge.
“I made breakfast for you, Papa!” Eisen said, smiling as his glittering amber eyes glistened like rising embers. James smiled, setting his newspaper down as he lifted the fork beside the breakfast and took the plate, setting it on his lap. “Your mother taught you well, Eisie.” He said, his son sitting down on the couch beside the recliner. “Speaking of ma’, do you mind if I ask a few questions about her?” Eisen asked, his smile fading into a content frown. His grandfather hesitated, then sighed. “Do not ask such things.”
This all happened about two days ago. Eisen trudged across the cold grass of the forest, looking back at the memories he had made with his Papa. No, he hadn’t run away. Well, technically. He had accidentally scurried too far from home into the forest after chasing a pack of wolves in curiosity. Although, thing was, he had no idea which way he had gone.  
Chapter 1
Eisen blinked, noticing a dark silhouette in the distance of the trees’ darkness as sunset neared. The amber cascade of sunset ruby tinted his black hair a perfectly natural fade of tangerine and copper as the shadow stepped forward to reveal what looked like a girl by the age of fourteen with long chestnut hair, her violet eyes glistening in the dusk. She wore leather boots and steel armor, seemingly from Catalotian knights. Catalot was a kingdom south from his home, pretty far. So what was someone doing so close to his home, which was two kingdoms away?  
The female blinked, then stepped forward. She had an archer bow gripped by leather gloves, a quiver of arrows strapped onto her back. An arrow was nocked in place. She seemed alarmed, her violet eyes glistening with a dark amethyst, narrow and sturdy.  
“Hey hey, I’m not gonna hurt’cha.” Eisen lifted his hands as a form of surrender, showing he wasn’t armed. Stupid to go into the forest without even a hunting dagger, but he figured that out too late. The huntress lowered her armed bow, stepping closer as the distance between the male and female shrunk once twilight settled in.  
She finally spoke, her Catalotian accent brushing across the wind of setting dusk. “Who are you?” She asked. Eisen hesitated to say his real name, as she was a complete stranger. “Call me Dale.” He said, deciding to use a nickname. “I prefer not to say my real name towards a stranger of an unknown kingdom.” The female pulled a light smile, seeming- amused? Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let someone know that you were using a nickname.  
“Then call me Vev.” She said. “You look awfully familiar. Is your name Eisen?” He blinked at the odd remark. Surprised. Surely he was just an ordinary twelve year old boy off of the coast of the Danreesa Kingdom, right? Vev brought her bow across her chest, setting it to stay as she placed the unused arrow in her back quiver. She sat down in a criss cross motion, as did Eisen.  
“Yes. How did you know?” He asked, a look of surprise across his confused face. She pulled a rolled up paper from her belt, which consisted of many daggers lying in their scabbards. Unrolling the worn paper, the tint of the bringing sunlight would’ve made it easier for him to understand.  
Though it was all Catalotian, a language his Pa’ never taught him. Though, if anything, it looked like a bounty shot. “They’re offering $3,000 in silvers for your safe return.” Vev said. So it wasn’t a bounty. Eisen was lost.
“But- my Pa’ and little sis are back there.” He pointed backwards, then in several directions, realizing he didn’t remember which direction he had come from. “Er- nevermind, I don’t remember..” He sighed. Vev giggled, her ears seemingly pointing in a horizontal direction about three to five inches away from her head. He blinked, confused for a short moment, until his own ears flicked.  
Most of his years of being different from the other humans led him to being judged and pointed at a lot, though most only surrounded him to take photos, which often agitated Eisen since he only wanted his personal space.  
Having pointed ears like an elf from the south, although he was up north in the Danreesa Kingdom, which was surrounded by the Great Whitepeak mountains, confused Eisen. Why and how could someone get across the Great mountains from Catalot?  
The Great Whitepeak mountains were a famous mountain range known to be the home of a shard which had multiple stories wrapped around it. Some said it wielded great power that a normal human nor elf could withstand and survive the bare touch of. Others said it was one of the keys to open a portal to the other dimensions, although Eisen never wanted to believe folklore.  
Although, despite his odd formation of a southern elf, which he usually was mistaken to be, Eisen was a Danreesian elf. At least, that was what his family told him. He pointed out how Vev’s ears matched his own, and that’s when she pointed out something he was used to hearing. “Oh? So you’re a Catalotian elf too?” She asked, her head tilting as a primal instinct.  
Most elves did that to show interest or curiosity, since they got it from the dragons. Least, again, that’s what folklore told. A lot of the eastern villagers told stories, sometimes Eisen would run off towards the nearest Irieoian town around north-east just to listen to stories. The villagers there usually expected him there, and began greeting him with hot chocolate and marshmallows when they realized they’d see him there a lot during the winter, since avalanches were common up north in the Danreesian kingdoms due to the famous peaks behind them, most Danreesian villagers went to other towns for temporary shelter until winter passed.  
Vev glanced at Eisen as he sighed, “A lot of others mistake me for one. I’m a Danreesian villager, same as the others here.” he said, his southern-looking ears twitching. She blinked, lifting an eyebrow. “I can see why you get mistaken. Since you match the posters scattered around Catalot, a lot of villagers come here to find you. It’s a shocker that it’s your first time seeing one of them.” She said, appearing confused again.
 “My Pa’ always said that I should stay away from the crowded villages. Although, that doesn’t mean I don’t sneak north-east to hear stories down by the Yakami village near Irieo.” He snickered, a childish smile crossing his face. “It’s difficult to believe you could be who I came here to find.” She blinked, watching his- rather childish behavior.  
“Well, looks like we got Sherlock here. I’M NOT THE KID YOU CAME FOR.” He grumbled. Vev didn’t seem fazed. “How do you know that? It’s possible that you were taken away at some point.” She shrugged. He stared, growing paranoid. “How would you know it would be specifically being taken away?” He interrogated her with questions, eventually causing her to spill the truth.
Vev sighed, realizing that he barely knew anything. “I expected you to understand. Apparently you’re oblivious to what’s around you.” She muttered, a slight touch of aggression showing in the other elf’s tone. “Very well, tear off a branch from that tree.”  
“What? What about the truth? You’re completely avoi-” Eisen started, the elf getting up and gripping her flexible hand onto the branch of a tree behind him. She yanked down, the branch snapping right off with a clean shriek as she whirled around, tossing it over to him.
He yelped, struggling to catch the oversized stick. It collapsed onto the dirt as he went flimsy. Vev groaned, “It’s gonna be a long day.” as she walked over, lifting the branch and shoving it in Eisen’s grip. She walked off, snatching another from the same tree, then stopping back in front of him, her heavy steel boots clanking with a rhythmic tune. One, two, three; one two three.  
“Do you know how to hold a sword?” She asked, her voice growing loud and deep. It was no surprise that he was clearly dealing with an elite Catalotian knight, or even maybe a general. Vev grew impatient as he spaced out. She slammed her boot onto the ground, onto the start of a stone cliff. It was a rather small cliff, not a far drop behind them.
The shriek of metal echoed throughout the forest as she called, “AAAATTENTION!” her voice booming across the trees as birds aggressively heaved their wings to escape from who was clearly a general.
Eisen yelped, snapping back to reality as Vev gripped her branch as if it were a toy blade. He fiddled with his, repeatedly dropping it both due to shaky hands and idiocy. She walked over, arranging his hands to what would be the hilt of a blade, or at least a very large dagger.
The two began sparring, and as expected, he tried to persuade her into letting him surrender before failing and being kicked to the dirt. She lectured him on problems he had to fix, and worked on them one by one slowly. Eventually Eisen grew better with the blade, though would get slaughtered immediately if he ever encountered a dangerous enemy that knew how to at least wield a sword.
That's all I have for now- at least what will fit. If this gets good ratings, I'll post the rest of it.

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