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The diagram below shows how ethanol fuel is produced from corn

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Some people are of the opinion that physical fitness is the key to success in sports. However, some others are opposed to this idea, claiming that mental toughness is of uttermost importance3. From my perspective, both qualities are of great significance in equal measure, and I will further elaborate in this essay.
Physical strength has been commonly regarded as an important element in sports. Most sportspeople are required to be physically fit so that they are able to perform physically challenging actions commonly found in the majority of sports. Footballers, for example, spend on average 90 minutes of relentless physical manoeuvres, and this certainly requires brute strength and stamina. In some sports that involve building muscles such as weightlifting, fitness is instrumental in the overall success of a weightlifter, for more weights lifted are directly proportionate to how well he or she performs in a weightlifting competition.
A strong mentality, on the other hand, is also very essential for any professionals to be successful. As a matter of fact, virtually all sports entail intense competitions and pressure, and only strong-willed players who are able to handle those problems well attain great success. Elite athletes such as Roger Federer or Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, are perfect examples of players who remain calm and confident regardless of situations. Additionally, mental prowess has been proven to be a game-changing factor in deciding the outcome of a match. Even seeded player6 can bitterly lose to underdogs if stressed or pressured.
In conclusion, my firm conviction is that mental toughness is just as important as physical fitness in determining sporting success. In the future, with training integrating18 both physical and mental health becoming increasingly available, the sporting industry will be able to welcome generations of successful sports players who are physically fit and mentally prepared.

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