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Cookie Clicker

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Cookie Clicker is one of the most popular idle games on the internet. You click a large cookie to "bake" cookies, and can spend your amassed cookies to purchase "buildings" which can bake cookies for you. You can also spend cookies to purchase upgrades, which increase your CPS (cookies per second). In the early game, there isn't too much to do other than clicking the big cookie and buying buildings. Occasionally, a golden cookie will spawn on screen, and clicking it will activate a random effect, including, but not limited to, multiplying cookie production by 7x for 77 seconds (Frenzy), or instantly giving you a few minutes' worth of cookie production (Lucky!). Later on, golden cookie "combos" can allow players to generate months, years, or even decades worth of cookie production within just a few seconds. This is just an introductory description of Cookie Clicker, but if you want to see more of this, please rate this text!

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