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A village fair

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 India is a land of fairs and festivals. They provide us a lot of fun and amusement. The urban people have many sources of attraction and recreation. They can visit the dazzling bazaars, big restaurants and cinema halls. the weekly bazaars provide them the facilities of marketing. The poor villagers lack all such facilities. the bazaars are far off from the villages. The villagers' life the very hard and lacks all charm. They have no means of recreation. Their secluded life is cut off from the urban modernisation. Many fairs are held every year in the villages. These fairs generally take place on the occasion of some festival. The Holi fair, the Rakhi Bandhan fair, the Basant fair and the Baisakhi fairs are the chief and common ones. The Baba Haridas Mela is the most prominent one in our area. It is held at village Jharauda Kalan, twice a year.  
 This year, I had a chance to see the fair. It was held in the interior of the village. There is a big open space all around the Baba's Samadhi. Thousands of people visited the fair from far and near with their near and dear ones. I saw a great hustle and bustle there. the people had parked their bullock carts, scooters, motor cycles, trucks, tempos and trollies in the exterior of the village. Most of the people had stayed there during the previous night. It was the 6th Lunar day of the bright fortnight of the 'Chaitra' month. Many temporary shops had been set up there. The fair was in full swing since early morning. All the people took a bath in the 'Mallah' (tank). some ladies got their children's hair trimmed and floated them in the holy water of the mallah. After the dip, the people bowed their heads before the samadhi and lit the lamps there. Every one offered and distributed prasad there. The people took different vows and prayed for the fulfilment of their desires.

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