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A Paragraph Talking About Life

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Have you ever just woken up and wondered, "Huh how I am alive?" I know, I know you probably don't and think I am crazy, but hear me out currently, I am a young teenage boy who likes all sorts of stuff like typing, robotics, and what not and I like to imagine things and from time to time I get a little crisis about life and how we are all going to die someday, just the thought of it freaks me out. Although my family is religious I have doubt in my mind on what happens after death, I know I am too young to think about these stuff but I always wondered whats after death. This all started during Quarantine when I started having these crisis and 2020 has been really rough it started with the death of my Grandmother, then the death of Chadwick Boseman which did not affect me entirely but I did love his movies, then ODL came along or (Online Distance Learning) around June, at first I was really excited because I get to see my friends again but then as the times go by I realized that this will be the death of me, the reasons being is to much homework, while my school is only until 8 am until 12pm every single day, after class I get bombarded by the amount of homework we were given, day after day after day in almost every single time, I only get to eat lunch at 4 and in worse case I don't, and most of the time instead of sleeping at 12am I  only get to sleep at 3-4 am instead its only been 3 months and I am already getting sleep deprived, hungry, and this all together worsed my grades its not that bad and I gotten worse before but this time I get frequent break downs because while I am always studying and doing my homework in time I put this much effort to school and what I get back is a low grade it may not be failing but still. It is the final exams now and I am just hoping for the best you guys are probobly just typing this and not caring about the story and I just wrote this down as I am thinking about it and letting Grammarly take care of my spelling mistakes and what not, but anyways thank you for taking time to improve your typing skills and I hope you guys for the best. PS my best score is 90 WPS you guys probobly have more. Have a nice day!

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