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The most random thing a person can see.

created Sep 16th, 06:25 by jaymez



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Hello. You are gonna be typing out this random paragraph that is coming from my head. Let's see. I think you should ask yourself this question a couple of times to really understand it if you are a depressed individual. You see, I need you to ask yourself this question to figure out why this occurs. The question is "Why is that when the rain clouds are done releasing their bothersome rain, why doesn't the Sun come back and shine its so great light? Why do the rain clouds just hang there? You want them to go away, right? You want them to just get out of your life and never come back for at least a day, but it stays so close by, like a hungry tiger in the jungle. Hi there, again. I see you are still typing this out for no apparent reason, other than boredom. Let me interest you in a fact. You have nothing better to do in your life. You are just some bored individual that is typing this out to see if this is ever gonna actually become interesting. Let me tell you right now that it's sadly not. You wanna know how long this is taking for me to type this out? I mean, I wanted to care about typing it, but I just got that bored. I am so bored that I don't care to do a whole lot of things that matter, somehow. If you are still enjoying this text, then thanks for being so darn boring. You are the most callous being on this earth. You are just caring about anything or anyone that you could be helping by doing something else that is a lot more important. How is your day? My day is fine, I guess. I am lonely, though. Why are you lonely? I am lonely because of the fact that I can't talk to anybody. What? I don't get that. You feel lonely for no reason. I am right here with you. Jesus Christ. I just want you to know that I love you, dude. Don't push me away and say you are too depressed. Dude. Come on. Don't do me like that. That's so mean. Dang. Let me add some random interrupting questions what friction calculate calculate supercalifragilisticexpialidocoius words to bother you and yeah. Deal with it. Hehe. Supercali you thought I was gonna start it again fragilisticexpialidocious. Haha. I finished it. Okay. If you have really come this far, then you are a god. You are a true, amazing, meaningful, caring, and oh my jesus christ you are boring. You are the most boring person on this earth if you are still typing this entire thing out. Jesus Christ. Can you just typing all of this out? Do something else. PLEASE GO DO SOMETHING ELSE YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF LOOK SO BORING mAN COME ON DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE HEY THERE BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM BOREDOM. Enjoy all of that. If you'd like to know, it is currently 11:23 PM. I am sitting on my bed, on my chromebook, just typing on this while I should be doing something more important. I am feeling tired and bored. If you can relate and have made it this far, you are a boss. You better not have made a mistake, either. I am gonna be real disappointed if you have made a mistake in this.  

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