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Using Quantum Mechanics to Prove that Traps aren't homosexual

created Aug 9th, 20:13 by Snicker Doodle



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Ladies and gentlemen, the answer to the question "Are traps homosexual?" Has finally been solved and it involves quantum mechanics. If you don't know what quantum mechanics are they are: How subatomic particles react with the world. Now, this study is based on Schrodinger's cat which I know most of you are probably familiar with but I'll explain it anyway. You have a Neko inside of a box, now until you open the box you can't know if this Neko is cute or not. Therefore until this box is opened the Neko is both cute and not cute until you definitively observe is she is cute or not. Now, this gets applied to the real world in the way light works. So the way that light works are it sometimes it acts as a wave and others a particle. And what it acts as changes whether you observe it. Now let's bring it back to traps. I have this theory called Schrodinger's dong. You don't know if a trap has a dong or not until you observe it. Therefore traps are homosexual and not homosexual until you observe the dong. However, if you actually go out of the way to confirm it or not that is kind of homosexual because when you're acting to actively observe it there is a chance of seeing a dong and that seems proof enough. Therefore the people actually seek to confirm if the trap is a man are not homosexual. So the way that you see it here is that living in ignorance is the only way to avoid traps being homosexual. However, when you think about it the traps only really become homosexual when we observe them. Therefore, we are the one that makes the trap homosexual, not the traps being homosexual themselves. So when you think about it is it the traps that make it homosexual or is it us?

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