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After a lot of it is time to go on holiday but if you lose any luggage in the journey then half the fun of the journey ends there. There was a time when air travel was considered safe from this point of view but nowadays passengers traveling by plane have to face the huge problem of losing luggage. A recently received news has confirmed about a thousand bags stolen from Phoenix Airport within a year. This accident happens to some passenger on the day of arrival. The airline pays only a few percent of the lost baggage as per its rules but often due to the baggage being stolen Have to give. Time and money is destroyed and all the fun of the journey gets gritty. To keep this fun it is necessary not to ignore some things before traveling and during the flight. Carry only the luggage that is necessary in the journey and without which the work does not work. Suitcases are always a cause of trouble with heavy piles. These include inviting the trouble by getting valuable items etc. closed and checked in. the airline gives some or the other damages in case of theft of goods it is not enough to cover the value of the valuable baggage. So avoid the habit of packing lots. Never put valuables in a check in bag. If you have light luggage that you can carry in the cabin then it is advisable that the luggage is not checked in. There are two advantages to this  one is that the chances of loss of luggage are less and second there is no time wasted waiting for your luggage on the belt. Yes it is important to read that the size of the suitcase should be fit in the cabin.

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