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The most beautiful person in the world "MOTHER".

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The word 'Mother' is the most beautiful word in the world.
It is the first word you speak as a baby.
The Heart of your Mother is like a deep ocean  
and vast like the blue sky.
She is the most beautiful person in the world.
She loves you with all are heart.
Her love for you is pure and unconditional.
No matter how you look; ugly, beautiful, tall, short or dwarf  
You are an apple of her eye.
Sometimes she might be bitter at you but its all because she care about you.
Never hurt your Mother because she has the most delicate heart.
Never let the tears pour through her two stars.
Let them always sparkle.
Always love, care and respect your Mother.
A mother's only wish in her life is to see her child live a happy life.
Make your Mother proud and happy.
And most importantly,  
Never forget to tell your mother,

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