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Abrogate - to abolish  
Adamant - inflexible  
Barbarism - wrong word use  
Colloquial - informal ; nonliterary  
Compatriot- a fellow country man ;landsman  
Defuse - to lessen danger
Effrontery- extreme boldness audacity  
Egregious-blatant ;very bad  
Gambol- to playfully skip;leap  
Hemophilia - a hereditary disease where blood does not coagulate to stop bleeding  
Immunity -resistance ; impunity ; exemption   
Impale-to pierce to fix on a pointed instrument ; gore, harpoon, pierce
shish kebab can be prepared by impaling meat and vegetables on  a skewer.
Knotty - abstruse, complex, intricate, recondite  
libertarian- one who favors absolute liberty and free will ; rake , debauchee  
anto- ascetic; recluse
Mired - entangled; stuck  
noxious - harmful unwholesome ; baneful deleterious, detrimental, pernicious  
Palatable - tasty , savory
 Palliate- to ease pain  
Pernicious-very destructive or harmful deadly ; baneful;noxious  
Skulk- to move in a sneaky  furtive or stealthy manner  
Tarry - to delay in coming or gong , to hunger; delay , late  
Tawdry - cheap and gaudy in appearance  
Temerity- audacity cheek chutzpah effrontery gall hardihood nerve
Utopian - idealist , quixotic  

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