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Role of Socioculture factors in twin cities

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Depression enduring geriatrics was associated with increased medical morbidity, impaired body working, disturbed social functioning, and dementia.Depression is illustrated by insufficient sleeping hours, low or absence of diet, mood swings, glumness or isolation, and suicide ideation. Pathology of depression in older adults has been widely discussed and assessed by researchers in present era. Researchers narrated that comparative to the other age groups elderly experienced elevated prevalence of depression in older people. In 2006 more than 400 million sufferers of depression were recorded in the world. Frequency in cases of depression horribly amplified and stood on fourth position according to global burden of diseases. Depression was announced an alarming mental health disorder. In developing countries, it is expected to be on second rank by the year 2020. Studies conducted by Pakistani researchers revealed that depressive elderly are severely ignored by common population because of lack of awareness. Either they went under or over recognition of depression specifically in developing countries like Pakistan. Though, in 2008 almost 30% incidence of depression has been found in local study conducted on elderly. Biological studies quoted number of times about the physical superiority of women but they lack in reporting the emotional instability of women that leads to mental health issues in later life. A series of studies conducted in 2005 and 2006 demonstrated that female older adults are more vulnerable to later life depression as compared to male older adults. In 2003 a published research study reported the incidence of depression in women is thrice higher than men.

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