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tell some story

created Jul 24th, 15:21 by Syafiqur LP3I



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this is note about story of many thing in random
you need to learn many thing in live, even you don't actually learning thing, your brain is still do it anyways. see your brain is learning about languages and you still do it now.
who is arguing with you today, nobody is learning thing without other external problem, problem is necessary to learn, even master of learning always get failure one and other in some time, you should grateful that you still have problem, and do it more less problematic
i hate outsider, many people inflicted by social bad behaviour of other but don't worry, usually most likely people is have a kind nature so they will accept you especially if you don't have bad intention, thought positive thinking always make good outcome but problem always still occur anyways
now tell me some story about future maybe
ok here we come
many people seem interesting about time concept but three is some fundamental problem about time itself we don't know if the time actually what we conceptualize if the time actually don't exist on the first time then what happened
few people start making some sort of quantum actuation device to experiment about time itself, then the new story they went very bad, they discovered that bla bla bla
the end
thanks for training typing on this site
because of you make this world be more efficient on your work
who would think they better type with just two finger if they can improve their output with more finger
with any other invention
learn until you incapacitated and can't do it
but don't really care also not problem just some random opinion on internet
can't be more problematic than just typing random word on typing test
i want my neuralink implant
so i can output more thought directly from my limbic system
are you cat girl fan

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