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Most of you probably did not see Gandhiji at close quarters. He had amazing qualities. One of these qualities was that he managed to draw out the good in another person may have had plenty of evil in him. But he some how spotted the good and laid emphasis on that good. The result was that the poor man had to try to be good. He could not help it. He would feel a little ashamed when he did something wrong.
 People who always seek evil in other find it. This applies to nations as well as individuals. Go to a foreign country. You are likely to find many things that you do rather in finding out the good in them, and profiting yourself and others by your contact?
We are all much too apt to look at the evil in other individuals and countries rather than the good. Perhaps some of you know the saying in the Bible the about  the person who could not see the beam in his own eye and saw the mote in the other's eye. I am sorry if you think I am rambling. But this is, I might inform you in secret, a very clever attempt to get behind your mind, I am at least being frank with you.  
Having got the larger frame, I looked more closely at my own country and wrote THE DISCOVERY OF INDIA. In it I concentrated on my country's past and the past and the story of its development.  
I am trying to explain to you how my thinking developed in these matters. The more I thought and the more I learnt the more I saw how little I knew and how much more there was to learn. One of my regrets today is that I have no time to purchase these studies properly by reading or thinking or writing. because writing for me is essentially an aid to thinking. In trying to write, one has to think more concisely than otherwise. (TAPESH JAISWAL REWA)

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