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Hello everyone this is your daily dose of typing: Baby Squirrel Talks Into Microphone

created Jul 23rd 2020, 20:56 by ELIJAH GODFREY



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Hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet.  
This person put a microphone in front of a baby squirrel to see what they have to say.
This guy went to Subway and kept asking them to put his sandwich back in the oven until it was completely burnt.
Someone left the door open, and a ground squirrel came inside the house.
This bird likes to wiggle with this water bottle.
This gazelle was lucky to see this cheetah coming at the very last second.
This is what a forest looks like from above. The movements of the trees are pretty mesmerizing.
That's the end of this video, I really hoped you enjoyed and I'll see you guys again very, very soon. Later!   

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