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Mangal Pandey already had a hatred for English rule due to the selfish policies of the East India Company. When new cartridges began to be used in the rifle in the Bengal unit of the company's army, these cartridges had to be opened by mouth before inserting them into the gun. News spread among the soldiers that cow and pig fat were used in making these cartridges which was a serious and religious matter for both Hindus and Muslims.  
This rumor caused anger in the minds of the soldiers against the British army. After this, on 9 February 1857, when this Kartua native infantry was divided, Mangal Pandey rebelled against not taking it. Angry at this, the British officer ordered Mangal Pandey to take away his weapon and take off his uniform, which Mangal Pandey refused to accept. Mangal Pandey attacked the British officer Major Hughson who proceeded to snatch the rifle. Mangal Pandey played the bugle of rebellion against the British on 29 March 1857 in Barrackpore Cantonment.
Not only this, Mangal Pandey killed that British officer Major Hughson with a rifle. After this Pandey also killed Lieutenant Bob, another British officer who came in his way. After this incident, he was arrested by British soldiers and he was sentenced to death on 6 April 1857 by a court martial. As news of the martyrdom of Mangal Pandey spread, a struggle erupted against the British. Although the British managed to control it, the spark set by Mangal Pandey proved to be the original seed of the freedom struggle.  
This rebellion was the first freedom struggle of India, in which not only the soldiers, the king-king farmers, laborers and all other ordinary people participated. After this rebellion, the British dream of ruling India proved to be weak. Mangal Pandey is a great hero for every Indian. When new cartridges in rifles began to be used in the Bengal Native Infantry in the East India Company 's army, the matter worsened because these cartridges had to be opened by mouth before putting them into the gun. The rumor spread in the country made the soldiers feel that the British is bent on corrupting the religion of India as it was evil for both Hindus and Muslims.  
Mangal Pandey openly called for the support of his other colleagues but due to fear no one supported him. General Jan Heyerseye ordered the zamindar Ishwari Prasad to arrest Mangal Pandey but the zamindar refused. Except for one soldier Sheikh Paltu the entire regiment refused to arrest Mangal Pandey. After some time he was arrested by English soldiers.

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