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Hello everyone this is your daily dose of typing: The Most Convenient Fire Truck

created Jul 20th, 22:21 by ELIJAH GODFREY



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Hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet.
This firetruck was passing by this car, when it suddenly burst into flames. Within a few seconds, the fire was completely under control.  
These parents wanted their baby to see what they have to put up with.
This person went to the pet store and found this sad dying fish. She took it home and gave it the love and care it needed. The fish started to get healthier and happier, and began to transform into a bright orange color. The fish is now happy and orange.
This guy went to Chipotle to see what would happen if he said no to everything. (That my friends, is how you get a free bowl in seconds)
This cat loves to go on trips in a boat, but when they get home, the cat can't wait to get out.
This poor guy was trying to slide cash through a card reader.
That's the end of the video, I really hoped you enjoyed, and I'll see you guys again very, very soon. Later!

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