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How much of your anger could you transform into love? How would that feel inside, if you were to do it? What portion of your frustration could you change into patience? How much more peaceful would it make this moment? What are the things you might be willing to forgive? What benefits would you experience by being free of those things? Can you think of someone, right now, who would be helped by your kindness? Can you imagine how it would feel to do something good, helpful, useful, when no one is watching? Do you know how much goodness you're capable of? Would you like to find out? Does life on this day seem too empty, negative, hopeless? Do you think, perhaps, there might be some little something you could do about that? I wonder how many people give up just when success is almost within reach. They persevere day after day, and just when they're about to make it, decide they can't take any more. The difference between enormously successful people and miserable failures is not that much. Successful people have simply learned the value of staying in the game until it is won. Those who never make it are the ones who quit too soon. Commitment means doing whatever it takes. Whatever it takes not whatever is most comfortable. When things are darkest, and the storm clouds are gathering around, successful people stick with it because they know they're almost there. The mountain is steepest at the summit, but that's no reason to turn back. You've made it this far. Keep going a little longer and you'll see the sun rise on a beautiful new day.

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