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Consider all the things you've done in the past day, the past week, the past year. Can you identify anything you wish you had done differently? If so, that's great. Because now is your chance to put that wish into action. Now is your opportunity to improve on the shortcomings in your past. Now is when you can apply all the good and valuable lessons of your experience. Rather than simmering in your regrets, you can move completely beyond them. Out of past mistakes you've made, you can now make progress. Those mistakes, as well as your achievements, can now inform you, empower you, and inspire you. Not only can you do better, you can do it from a more enlightened and determined perspective. From your past frustrations and disappointments, now you can generate new energy and action. Jump at the opportunity, and transform all that you have been into the best that you can be. Instead of being concerned with fitting every new experience into a preconceived category, put your energy into living the experience itself. Instead of using your thoughts to place a judgment on each thing that comes your way, put your energy into being more fully aware of it all. How many things do you miss completely because you think you already know what you’re looking at? How many new concepts do you fail to grasp because you're trying to fit them into concepts you already have? If your life seems to be stuck in one place, the most likely reason is that your thoughts are preventing anything new from coming into your awareness.

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