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There is absolutely no doubting the fact that Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and a luxury holiday for most Indians is synonymous with this beautiful country. God has been particularly kind to this fabled land and the Swiss have perfected the art of luring people with the many gems they possess. Most of Switzerland's beauty manifests itself in the mountain peaks dotting the country. Some of them are massively popular while some are hidden in delicate corners for the avid wanderers to discover.
    With a few whites here and a few greens there, interspersed with some browns and reds, every little ascent is prettier than the other. while harsh and icy winds will certainly greet you at every step, the astounding views will warm your heart at the same time. The Swiss Alps are neither rugged like the Himalayas back home nor are they daunting like the Andes in South America. These mountain tops are easily accessible unlike several others across the world. They welcome travellers with open arms just like most of the country does. And it is therefore imperative for you to visit the planet's most touristfriendly destination. I can vouch for the fact that Switzerland is capable of enthralling you in unparalleled ways and leave you wanting for more.
    Do visit these mountain tops; the experience is pretty much akin to flying. In most every geographical beauty we know of has a legend associate with it in some way or the other. Pilatus is no exception. AS per a popular story, Pilatus, standing tall at 2132 in south west of Lucerne, was named after the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate whose dead body was discarded into a lake on top and it is apparently haunted. Also available are a plethora of dining options.  

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